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Real Estate Concierge

The term real estate concierge warrants a few different kinds of services. Traditionally, we think of concierge service as hotel concierge, and when it comes to high rise buildings a hotel-like concierge service can be on the list of amenities.  We have commonly seen it emerge as an option in San Francisco with luxury high rise buildings and it seems to create an atmosphere that residents love. For example, The Harrison, located at 401 Harrison Street, San Francisco in SoMa offers their residents  “The Harrison Attache,” a personalized concierge service that adds to the ambiance of a luxury lifestyle. The service is similar to having a personal assistant, as it includes scheduling reservations for San Francisco’s hottest restaurants, sporting games, and clubs. Additionally the service covers day to day tasks like dry cleaning, daycare, interior design options, a handyman, housekeeping and so much more!  If this is the concierge service you’re looking for, we have you covered! Not only has the Rob and Carey team done past transactions at the Harrison, we have also sold in various different luxury condominium buildings. See our past transaction at the Harrison here and click here to see a collection of Condominium buildings in San Francisco that offer Concierge Services to their residents. 

Since joining the San Francisco Compass Team, another meaning to concierge services has emerged and is taking the real estate market by storm. A concierge service that is essentially free of cost, and we are extremely excited to offer it to our clients. Exclusive to Compass, Compass Concierge was announced in 2018 and the company is working every day to make the program as efficient and as effective as possible. The CEO, Robert Reffkin, recently announced the guaranteed approval guidelines for the program which we explain under How Does Compass Concierge Work.  

Compass Concierge makes preparing your home for the market much more accessible and financially feasible.  Home concierge service is where Compass services and resources will cover the initial costs of your home renovations, ranging from replacement of old floors to handyman services and everything in between. In turn, this service allows the seller to make the necessary home improvements to increase the value of their home and decrease the time it sits on the market. Home concierge is emerging in the realm of real estate, but Compass Concierge is the first of its kind in the industry and the rate of success is remarkable. To see in more detail how Compass works visit the How Does Compass Concierge Work tab and learn why you should be using concierge real estate services because concierge realty is here and you don’t want to miss it. Additionally, to learn in depth about the services we offer visit the Compass Concierge Services page. 

Whether your listing could benefit from some light de-cluttering or a fresh coat of paint and staging, the Rob and Carey Team with the Compass Concierge program is here to assist our sellers by saving them time and making their investment shine for the next owner. You only get one chance to sell it, so make sure to maximize the potential and inspire your prospective buyers!

Real Estate Concierge

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