Compass Concierge Real Estate Services

Compass Concierge Real Estate Services are unique because the list of potential improvements covered is extensive and guaranteed! The Compass Concierge real estate services include:

  • Floor Repairing

  • Carpet cleaning & replacement

  • Staging

  • Deep-cleaning

  • De-cluttering

  • Cosmetic renovations

  • Landscaping

  • Interior & exterior painting

  • Seller-side inspections & evaluations

  • Sewer lateral inspections & remediation

  • More than 100 other home improvement services

  • HVAC

  • Roofing repair

  • Moving & storage

  • Pest control

  • Custom closet work

  • Fencing

  • Electrical work

  • Kitchen improvements

  • Bathroom improvements

  • Pool & tennis court services

  • Mortgage payments

  • Water heating & plumbing repair

Today’s buyers are paying record prices while experiencing historically low interest rates … they want to purchase modern, renovated homes where they can move right in. The Rob and Carey team utilizes Compass Concierge to allow our sellers to borrow funds in order to deliver those buyers the product they are seeking, and willing to pay top-dollar for. Sell faster for more money.

Concierge Services

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